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The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Friday, May 29, 2009

It seems like only yesterday flying in an airplane was a mere dream of mine. Now, not only is that dream going to become a reality, but so much more is too! I never imagined that such an opportunity would be presented to me. It has always seemed to me that there are these invisible walls placed around my small town of Pleasant Plains blinding me from the world that appeared so out of reach. Somebody marched around those walls and they have tumbled down! What seemed so out of reach is now clearly in sight!


Sherry said...

I hope and pray for you and the others that this is an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy and be safe. I love you my beautiful daughter!

Angela Muse said...

keep us posted on all of your exciting adventures. Remember you are going for all of us back here in P.P.

stefaniek said...

We are very proud of you students that are representing FLORAL and pleasant plains-MIDLAND. I am sooo excited for all of you! I went into the Dairy Bar the other day and wasn't attacked by you. It was a sad day for me! But I know you guys are having the time of your life...can't wait to see you all!

jgrammer said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!!

Donnie said...

I know you are having a good time and learning a lot. Keep us posted. We are all praying for you and hoping that everything goes well.

Coach B.

Kerry said...

Remember, we get to see it all through "your" eyes. Take it all in and keep all of us back home posted. You go girl!!!!

Ronnie said...

What are you eating & where you sleeping? Daddy love's you and proud of you!!!

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