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HDTV Doesn't Show Everything...

Friday, June 5, 2009

When I was little I would see the "Feed the Children" commercials on the television. Thinking that it was just a hoax to make people send money, I never paid much attention. Arriving in Cape Town yesterday and seeing all of the nice hotels and houses, I thought to myself that it wasn't much different than back home. Today, my eyes were opened when we left the "tourist" part of town and faced a much less appealing sight. Townships consist of shacks built out of any material the people can get their hands on. They are lucky to have plumbing or electricity, and few have those "luxuries". We met a woman named Rosie who, when listening to her, made tears come to my eyes. This woman lives on the motivation given by the hundreds of children she feeds in her tiny kitchen a day. The children do not get fed at school and most don't get fed at home. They completely rely on this one woman. She is the kind of person that sees a future brighter than what most have in sight. Seeing what poverty these people live in, I'm not sure that I could have the kind of ambition that they have. It is so odd to go to one part of town and see a "6" star hotel that movie stars stay in and then drive a few miles down the road to find thousands of people living in shacks, starving. I've come to realize that the bright green grass that we have at home is more like dirt on the other side. We are so blessed and I know that it would do me a world of good to share the blessings that God has given me with those who actually do need help. Our "High-Def" televisions cannot show a portion of what things are really like. That is why I feel it is my job to share what I have seen and learned with everyone else. Together we CAN make a difference. We just have to take action.


Donnie said...

I am glad they are showing you the bad side of town as well. All those pictures on TV don't let you see how it really is. Take care of yourself and bring home lots of pictures.

Coach B.

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